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Our Debt Recovery Process

How We Conduct Business

We know that matters of debt collection are a sensitive and tedious. That is why we make sure deploy the best of the best debt collectors to handle your business. Our debt collectors are extensively trained in Thailand debt recovery – from start to finish. Here are Debt Collection TH, we are as determined to recover your money just as you are.

How We Do It

We here at Debt Collection TH are dedicated in providing you reliable and speedy service when you need it most. Below, we have outlined our process from start to finish. Just because we get the job done quickly doesn’t mean we skimp on the details. Find out how we get the job done the way we do by reading about our process below.

  1. Bust into action. Within the first 24 hours our

  1. We get to the paper works. They request you (our clients) to provide all the pertinent information necessary in handling the case. The following are some of the most basic pieces of information our debt collections officers request:

    1. Total amount to be recovered /collected.
    2. Physical address of debtor.
    3. Any type  of contact information

In some cases – especially when it comes to commercial cases – we would request for documents to support the claim. You can find out more about this by getting in touch with our debt collection officers.

  1. Getting down to business. Once your assigned debt collection officer has everything they need for the case, they begin initial contact with the debtor. This is where the negotiation begins.

Our debt collection officers are trained to handle your case with maximum efficiency and respect. You are assured that they will conduct themselves in a firm and professional manner that does not shun your name or business.

  1. Your assigned debt collection officer will provide you with any updates or reports gathered within the first 15 (fifteen) days of authorization. If, in any case, there are pertinent pieces of information that is lacking, your debt collection officer will proceed to conduct recovery efforts and will supply you with updates within 3 (thirty) to 45 (forty-five) days from date of authorization.

As you can see above, we waste no time in getting what is rightfully yours. Our tried and tested process has been put into place to make sure you get what you deserve at the soonest possible time.